Sparrow Ranch Community

History:  Asking the question – “What will happen when I am gone?” prompted me to look for answers… As I starting looking, I found residential communities that provided supported independence in a safe and stimulating environment.  I also realized from personal experience and from other parents that some of us want our adult children to continue living with us, while giving them their space and a supported independent living situation.  Parents also need to be supported whether their adult lives with them or not.  Being the advocate for an adult with a disability brings with it a unique set of challenges that only other parents understand.  How can we support the family and the adult?

Currently:  We are in the development stage of  Sparrow Ranch, a place where people with disabilities can find dignity and purpose in a work setting and in their daily lives.  We are starting out with a work center and building toward a residential setting.

The Challenge:

We have all heard that the 55+ population is growing.  What we don’t always think about is the Baby boomer’s children with disabilities, who are now adults.  We need to make sure they have a safe community where they can grow and mature.

The Purpose:

Intentional Communities are just that… a community that has an intention.  There are support groups that provide activities, there are 55 and older neighborhoods, there are senior centers that provide activities, social clubs, retirement communities, and residential communities for people with disabilities – all with a specific purpose for their members.  Our purpose for the Sparrow Ranch Community members is to provide supported independence to vulnerable adults in a safe environment that reflects a country lifestyle.

We would like to build an intentional community in Idaho.  This will be a mini ranch for those folks who want to live in a ranch community. The Treasure Valley is a large enough community to provide good medical care as well as services to the disabled.  The state medicaid waiver programs provide support services for adults with disabilities without the waiting lists common in other larger states.  Small ranches can be found just minutes away from town.

The Vision

Ranching is an Idaho tradition.  Hard work and responsibility are qualities Idahoan residents value.  Creating a community where all the residents are a valuable member of the community by creating opportunities to contribute to the community will be an important part of the Ranch community members’ lives.

Our vision is based on the 55+ community model where the community is centered around a common set of circumstances.  Homes are rented by the family or the individual, but they share community facilities.  Support services are not provided by the community, but arranged by the families.  Old fashioned community means neighbors support neighbors lending a helping hand when needed.


We are committed to bringing this vision to fruition.

Please contact us if you are interested.

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