Self-Direction / Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Services is also known as Self-Direction.  Self-Direction is a growing movement around the world, which is based on 5 guiding principles.

1.  FREEDOM  The right to independent living – if someone has an impairment, they should be able to get the support they need to be independent.  Decision making should involve that person as much as possible and reflect their own interests, preferences and goals.

2.  AUTHORITY  The right to a personal budget – the person who qualifies for support, he or she should be part of the decision making about how it should be spent.

3.  SUPPORT  Makes it possible to implement these principles.

4.  RESPONSIBILITY  The responsibility for their own decisions – The person with support needs and the government have a responsibility to explain their decisions and to share what they learn.

5.  CONFIRMATION Continues to recognize these principles in the person’s life.

Many years ago, there was a shift to community services verses institutional care.  The recent shift to Consumer Directed care has changed the way that we deliver these community services. Years of prejudice have caused us to see this group of people as unable to contribute to society and unable to have a say in their own lives.  Self Direction is not just a program, but a new way to look at this group of people. Through Consumer Directed care, this group of people can have more fulfilling lives.

One of our supporters is Alamo Consumer Direct!  Joyce worked for ACD as a field representative which means that we brought Consumer Directed services to the Big Bend Area!!  For a simple explanation of Texas Consumer Directed services, click here How does Consumer Direct work in TX?

In Idaho, Consumer Direct works with the Self Direction program.

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