Rebecca’s Eye Update

 10495368_701624589896460_5240139491851284042_oThank you to everyone who donated to Rebecca’s Eye Benevolence Fund!  She has had Corneal Cross Linking done on both eyes with great success!  Thank you to Dr. Bermudez here in Alpine who diagnosed the problem and to Dr. Ramirez at Buena Vista Eye Care in El Paso who performed the procedure as part of a national FDA study.  She was the only known person with Down syndrome accepted into the study!

The procedure seemed to be moderately pain free, after the first couple of days with some light sensitivity and dryness to deal with.  Rebecca is a trouper and never complains.  Her vision has improved slightly from 20/80 to 20/50 and we hope that the procedure will ensure that her vision stays at 20/50 and does not deteriorate any further.

Again, thank you for supporting Rebecca!


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